Are you using Clevertouch products in your school? If so, you can now get a faster, smoother and simpler experience for FREE with Lynx5.

Cleverlynx has been given a complete overhaul, resulting in Lynx5 – an easy to use software with a sleek user interface.

Lynx5’s annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. Whilst allowing teachers to create imaginative lessons with content from a variety of sources.

 Discover more about Lynx5’s new features:

  • Embed videos directly into your lessons, without the need to go to an external browser link with Media Manager
  • Access all your tools from the condensed Tools Menu, meaning you spend less time clicking in different menus.
  • Lesson Dashboard makes it easy to find recent lessons and open multiple lessons simultaneously
  • Access updates instantly, with the Lynx5 twitter feed showing on the home screen.
  • The software supports Ultra HD 4K resolution content
  • No need to worry about inappropriate language as a Profanity Filter is now built in to the software.

And Lynx5 still has all the features you are used to from Cleverlynx:

  • Sentence builder
  • Clever content area
  • Clone without annotation
  • Clock features
  • Tables
  • Infinite desktop
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Rainbow pen
  • Word and Excel import
  • Image bank
  • Annotation
  • Screen capture
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