The Solution

Intelligent lighting detects movement and saves energy

The existing internal light fittings were replaced using the Earlsmann Portsmouth, an anti-corrosive LED light fitting with a robust polycarbonate housing. These lights were fitted with intelligent motion sensors that, when triggered by vehicle or pedestrian movement, activate the lights to 100% capacity. When the car parks are not in use, the lights remain at a 20% pre-set dim level to fully maximise their efficiency whilst still keeping the area lit at all times.

New exterior LED light fittings use 60% less energy

To replace the existing opaque globe fittings on the external columns, NCS installed the incredibly efficient Marlow Globe, which typically use 60% less energy than the older lighting. On the rooftops, we fitted CREE XSPR Street, due to their excellent efficiency and wide range of lenses which allow for a broader spectrum of choice, uniformity and light levels. We fitted Preston Bulkheads on the remaining perimeter walls.


Energy and cost savings exceed client’s expectations

Independent testing on completion demonstrated improved Lux levels. In addition, Bromley Council’s monthly savings review showed an impressive 60% improvement – exceeding their initial request by 10%.

Safe and enhanced environments

Not only do Bromley’s three car parks now operate with reduced maintenance and running costs, the environments are also significantly enhanced with improved lighting levels.

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