The Solution

NCS Technology used our expertise to:

  • Install power and data into the warehouse.
  • Connect MEP’s buildings together to provide a single network using wireless point to point bridges.
  • Link the telephone system between the existing building and warehouse.
  • Replace the existing 400W sodium low bay fluorescent light fittings with energy efficient, Earlsmann high bay LED lights, fitted with dimmer sensors.
  • Suspend Schneider Busbar trunking to feed power to 30 machines.


Due to our extensive expertise, NCS Technology could manage every aspect of this project, from laying cabling through to installing the lighting and wireless links. This meant that MEP didn’t have to deal with multiple contractors and every aspect could be achieved in the correct sequence, saving time and reducing costs.

Due to the nature of their work, MEP needed the power solution to be adaptable. The suspended trunking means that the factory floor is clear of wires and the machinery layout can be changed if needed.

The new LED lighting in the warehouse is bright and clear, providing ideal and safe conditions for MEP’s manufacturing needs. In addition, MEP’s LED lighting investment has reduced their energy use and created cost reductions.

“From my point of view, we wanted state-of-the-art facilities, and cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to our lighting and power needs. We needed flexibility in our layout, so the facilities we had installed needed to be adaptable too. The recommendations and advice that NCS gave were very good.”

Phil Hart, Managing Director MEP Ltd
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