Body Cameras Create a Positive Impact at School

Year : 2018

NCS Technology provides body cameras to MMAP teachers to ensure they feel safe and the students behaviour improves.

The Brief

Maidstone and Malling Alternative Provision is a pupil referral unit which takes pupils who will have been identified as being at risk of permanent exclusion or may have been permanently excluded. The students in the unit present the most challenging behaviour and MMAP wanted a solution to help improve student behaviour and ensure staff feel safer.

They approached NCS Technology to find out more about body cameras and their benefits. MMAP have CCTV cameras in and around their building which has helped reduce damage, but the cameras do not guarantee staff safety. It was not felt appropriate to have CCTV cameras in classrooms as staff felt uncomfortable under constant scrutiny.

Case Study Body Cameras
Body Cameras

The Solution

NCS worked with MMAP to ensure the body cameras met their specific requirements:

1. The cameras needed to be able to constantly record for the whole school day, rather than to be activated by the member of staff when a situation arises. In volatile situations the staff member may forget to press the record button

2. The camera harness needs to have a quick release facility, so if it is grabbed by a student, the harness will release itself safely

3. If the camera is taken by a student, encryption prevents access to the recording. Only authorised members of staff will have access via password protected software

All staff who have contact with students have now been issued a body camera and it is each person’s choice when they wear it and for how long; either only during teaching periods or constantly. The reassurance for staff is having the cameras available to them.

The Benefits

The recordings taken from the cameras have already been used in a number of positive ways, for staff, students and their parents/guardians.

Key Benefits:
1. Staff feel safe and protected
2. Staff can use the footage to assess how they have handled particular situations and can be used as a reference in the future
3. Improvements to student behaviour as they are more aware of their actions
4. Students can look back at the recordings and reflect on their actions
5. Footage could also be shared with parents/guardians to involve them in addressing their children’s behaviour



“These cameras have made a positive impact at the provision, simultaneously improving student behaviour and staff security whilst opening even more possibilities for school improvement. Both NCS Technology and Pinnacle Response have been very accommodating and professional during all stages of this project, rising to any challenges presented to them. I’d like to thank everyone involved into getting these cameras here at MMAP.”
Information and Systems Data Manager

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