Herne Bay High School – IP CCTV

Year : 2014

The Brief – CCTV Upgrade

Herne Bay High School, in Kent, required a CCTV upgrade that could be easily managed, and securely accessed by multiple staff. The school needed flexibility from the system, as the key intention was to move away from a CCTV system purely for security, but for use as a tool for student welfare and protection.

Herne Bay High School logo - IP CCTV upgrade
MOBOTIX - IP CCTV and IP security
IP CCTV upgrade - Reception footage - Herne Bay High

The Solution

NCS Technology has previously worked with Herne Bay High, delivering networking and computing solutions at the site, and worked closely with the school to provide a CCTV solution that met their needs.

Since 2000, the school had a basic analogue CCTV system, which was limited by poor quality and limited accessibility via a single terminal in reception. NCS Technology delivered a powerful, yet flexible, 71 camera MOBOTIX CCTV installation to foster a safer and more productive educational environment.

The Benefits

The new surveillance system accurately captures events throughout the school day and evening, helping to build and sustain a thriving educational community for around 1730 students and staff.

“There are multiple features of this system that have proved advantageous. The MOBOTIX solution is a fully IP based system which not only makes the installation and relocation of cameras very easy, but also means that multiple members of staff can view the system from anywhere in the school or from home via our VPN using their staff laptop or desktop rather than just the receptionist on our previous system.”

“The activity sensing technology within the MOBOTIX solution also means that rather than recording continuous footage only movement is recorded and no ‘dead time’ is stored. This means that much more footage can be retained compared to our previous system that required tapes swapped every 24 hours and cycled every week – instead our new MOBOTIX solution records 24 hours a day and stores images for over a month.”

– Olly Hickmott, Strategic Director of Media, Communications and New Technologies from Herne Bay High School

The system has exceeded the school’s expectations and the impact has extended beyond their initial expectations and requirements. It is used daily to monitor student welfare and has had a measurable impact on student behaviour. The surveillance system is also utilised to protect the school buildings by reducing graffiti, vandalism and theft.

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