Capel Manor College – Paxton Access Control System

Year : 2016

The Brief

Capel Manor College is the main provider of land-based education and training in Greater London and has centres across the region.

They required an upgrade of their existing door entry system to enable students and staff to access the animals and gardens out of office hours. Some of their facilities are open to the public, so they also needed a solution that would allow them to remotely manage access control across multiple campuses, whilst ensuring the security and safety of their students, staff, and premises.

Capel Manor College's recent Paxton installation

The Solution

NCS Technology replaced the existing door entry systems with Paxton Net2 and Pro software, which was deployed into the college’s network on a separate VLAN. Entry systems were added to turnstiles, barriers and 24 doors at their Bullsmoor Road site, alongside additional doors and gates at their Gunnersbury Park and Crystal Palace Park locations.

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of multiple sites straightforward. The Paxton solution integrated with student’s existing MIFARE smart cards, making is simple for the college to manage the entrance rights of everyone across their campuses.

The Benefits

This sophisticated solution means Capel Manor College now have a unified entry system and the risk of unauthorised personnel gaining access to restricted areas of their campuses has been minimised.

The new system can easily be managed remotely, saving time and resources. Additional doors, gates and users can conveniently be added.

The integration with the college’s in-house student management software meant minimal disruption for users, as students could still access all other services offered by their smart cards.

“NCS Technology understood that Capel Manor is more than just a College. Our gardens, farms and zoo, are all open to the public and require a level of staff and student access.  

NCS were able to customise a solution that allows us to manage and control access to maintain a safe learning environment for our students, whilst also allowing the College’s wider-role of caring for animals and plants to develop uninhibited.

The Paxton system NCS installed is very effective at meeting our complex needs and provides the safe and controlled environment required.

From our initial enquiry through to the final installation, I’ve been extremely pleased with the high level of service that NCS have provided.”

– Jordi Garcia, Head of IT and Network Communications, Capel Manor College

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