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Posted on : January 11, 2017

Innovative Corporate AV Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

Interactive interiors that engage customers and improve efficiency

Touchscreens and digital signage are becoming more and more common in business and leisure settings. Not only can they increase employee’s efficiency and productivity, they can also entertain and educate customers. Touchscreens can be used in a number of innovative ways.

We’ve put together some examples of how innovative corporate AV solutions can be used in restaurants and hotels below…

  • Touchscreens can be used for making purchases, inputting orders, or planning seating arrangements
  • Digital signage can replace static signage, cutting down on the time and cost associated with updating menu boards
  • Touchscreens at tables can showcase a menu, offer payment options, or provide entertainment for children
  • Screens can be linked with a hotel’s IP CCTV system to allow remote viewing, enhancing safety
  • Interactive screens can be used by guests to find tourist attractions, check the weather, track flights, or snap a selfie
  • Touchscreen concierge services create a simple and smooth experience for hotel guests

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