NCS Technology are always looking at ways that we can improve our Managed IT Service for schools, academies and universities. With over 30 years’ experience working with 85% of schools and academies across Kent and Medway, we know we provide an excellent service, but our team always strives to find ways to improve. This is why we have introduced our new Managed IT Service Helpdesk.

Our new Helpdesk service gives all client staff members the ability to report technical issues and IT requests by simply sending an email. Our team understands how busy teaching staff and educators can be, so wanted to design a reporting system that saved time and fuss, leaving them to focus on teaching and learning.

Once we receive a request, our dedicated team of IT technicians can assess whether it can be dealt with remotely, for example setting up an IT login for someone, or whether it needs to be added to the job list of your dedicated NCS IT Technician ready for their next visit. Our team is also able to reply to job requests, keeping everyone in the loop.

Additionally, to ensure that the schools in our care receive the best possible IT support, we install a Remote Management and Monitoring tool. This allows us to monitor each of your school devices, access points, switches, and IP CCTV cameras to ensure that they are all operating properly. This enables us to see device information such as disk and CPU temperatures and downtime, and helps us to pick up problems before they even arise. Having the facility to monitor devices also means that our team can remotely log on to any machine and provide real-time assistance, solving problems with limited downtime or disruption.

Education providers always have large numbers of workstations, often used by multiple users and it can be frustrating and disruptive if technology isn’t working properly. We hope that our Managed IT Service Helpdesk and remote monitoring system will encourage more staff to report issues and make requests, ensuring that school IT infrastructures are operating properly and to their best ability.


If you are a school or university that already uses our IT Technician Service and would like to talk about our latest changes drop us an email. If your school doesn’t use our service and you’d like to see if we can make a difference drop us an email too, or give us a call.

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