Thinking of acquiring hardware or services with a loan or lease?

If you’re considering a loan, lease, hire-purchase, or other finance arrangement to help your organisation acquire hardware, software, training, or services, talk to us first. We can discuss options that would suit your needs, and let you know if your organisation might be eligible for any grants.

 Interest free loans available for public sector organisations

Public sector organisations can take advantage of Salix funding which provides 100% interest-free capital finance to undertake energy efficiency projects. Find out more here.

LoCASE low carbon grants available for energy saving projects like LED lighting

Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) is an EU funded project set up to help businesses tackle and adapt to climate change. SMEs may qualify for 40% of the cost, up to £10,000, for eligible carbon reducing projects, such as LED lighting upgrades. Read more.

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