Have you seen the light?

When you look at the financial benefits of installing LED lighting it comes as no surprise that schools across the country are opting to choose the highest trending energy saving measure on the market.

When combined with intelligent controls, LED lighting can save up to 90% of energy compared to traditional lighting methods. That’s a saving of thousands of pounds a year. Figures from UK Energy Watch estimate that an average primary school could save nearly £4000 per year by installing a more energy efficient lighting solution, and high schools could save around £30,000 per year!  That’s the equivalent of a full-time teacher!

Improve the learning environment

Installing LED lighting doesn’t just help your budget, it improves your school’s learning environment too. LED lighting set to the correct colour temperature can improve focus and concentration and reduce depression. Removing fluorescent tubes also reduces the annoying flickering that happens when they are about to fail and creates a modern and clean feeling to classrooms and corridors.

Installing an intelligent LED lighting system reduces the amount of disruption caused by maintenance and component replacement too.

Better for the planet

Using less energy obviously helps the planet, but LED lights also don’t contain the harmful materials that traditional lighting options do. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury which, aside from making them more difficult to recycle, can also be extremely hazardous if a tube is broken.

LED lights have a life expectancy of 15+ years, reducing your potential maintenance costs and also reducing the amount of waste from light bulb and fluorescent tube replacement.

Cost Effective

Installing a new LED lighting system shouldn’t break your budget. Your school can fund 100% of the cost of the project to install LED lighting through Salix Finance. Salix is DofE approved, 100% interest free and can be paid back from the lighting and energy savings in your budget!

Ask the experts

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