With increased access to the internet and media, consumers are becoming far more discerning and aware of the different brands of car they choose. Social media platforms provide images and video of vehicles looking gleaming and perfect, so it makes sense for car showrooms to reflect this imagery in real life.

Physically buying a car is an experience and showrooms work hard to ensure that their displays live up to expectations. From ensuring that each vehicle on show has that perfect ‘new car smell’ and back shiny tyres, to placing the latest models centre stage, everything about a car showroom is designed to accentuate the cars on display. Which is why it makes sense to install an LED lighting system.

Illuminate the cars properly

LED lights emit a cleaner light than standard fittings and, with the right settings, can recreate diffused natural light meaning it doesn’t distort colours. From the buyer’s standpoint this allows them to see how the car will look outside, but also provides the opportunity for them to enjoy sparkling metallic paintwork in all its glory.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Car showrooms are big spaces and with traditional light fittings can be quite energy expensive. In an era where consumers are now becoming increasingly concerned about making greener choices and where manufacturers are responding with hybrid options, it makes sense to install energy efficient fittings. Aside from the fact that LED lighting can significantly reduce energy overheads, you can also show your customers that your brand takes the environment seriously.

Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere

With programmable LED lighting systems, it’s possible to not only alter showroom lighting throughout the day, but to also adjust the warmth of the light in different areas. So, for example, entrance areas and sales desk areas can be lit in a warm and welcoming way, putting the buyer at ease, while areas around vehicles can have spotlight focus and more natural light.

While you undoubtedly have an excellent sales team it’s always a great idea to give your products a helping hand, making them dazzling and attractive to potential buyers, whilst maintaining your green credentials and your overheads.

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