As CCTV and entry solution experts, we regularly speak to clients about the importance of maintaining proper security on site; from using IP CCTV to monitor comings and goings from any device anywhere, to installing external LED lighting to ensure perfect visibility. So, it makes sense to consider how visitors and staff sign in to your site.

With the advent of GDPR, traditional visitor books are no longer fit for purpose, so finding a secure alternative is vital. Sign In App is the answer.

Sign In is designed to provide an excellent and modern user experience whilst maintaining great security features. Using a Tablet at your reception, visitors and staff can sign in safe in the knowledge that their data will be held securely. It automatically creates a real-time fire and evacuation list too, providing your fire marshal with up to the minute information of who is on site and provides the ability for visitors to be pre-registered, saving the time.

For education settings, Sign In provides a live view of who is onsite and fits in well with safeguarding policies. The app takes a photograph of visitors, creating a date stamped visitor ID which can be branded with your logo. This inexpensive system can be customised to include their DBS status and who they are visiting. Additionally, it can be used to notify you directly when your visitor arrives, reducing the need for phonecalls and waiting times.

For organisations with multiple sites, it’s possible to maintain a global staff list, enabling your team to access multiple sites or restricting them from certain areas, whilst also managing an easy to use visitor system. Sign In’s mobile phone app also enables staff members to sign in without their ID, after all it’s rare for any of us to leave our phones at home these days.

Sign In App’s smooth and modern interface is perfect for any company or organisation who wants to show that they are forward-thinking and ready to embrace technology. Combining this system with touchscreen displays, provides visitors with a positive impression from the minute they enter your site.


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