Interactive whiteboards have been a feature in schools for around the last 16 years, but improvements in technology now mean that touchscreen boards in classrooms are an affordable and viable alternative to more traditional displays.

NCS Technology have many years of experience in installing touchscreens into school settings, whether it be in reception areas or classroom environments, and have a wide range of options available. But why install an interactive whiteboard when a standard board, projector and board marker will do?

Interactive screens make review or revision of lessons more convenient

Using a touchscreen or interactive whiteboard allows teachers and lecturers to save their lessons with notes for further review and revision lessons. This makes revision easier for learners, even including a recorded element to the lesson and is also an excellent way of ensuring that absentees have the correct information to catch up on missed work.

Touchscreens make it easier to structure lessons

Creating a pre-prepared lesson that can be displayed and edited in the classroom makes it easier and quicker for teachers to plan and structure their lessons. Being able to deliver a lesson effectively and seamlessly creates a more enjoyable learning environment. Seeing diagrams and activities on a large screen also allows learners to fully interact with their lessons.

Makes learning more fun

Technology can make learning fun and using a touchscreen display in the classroom can spur learners’ interest in the lesson at hand. From trying out writing answers on the board, to taking part in an interactive activity, using a full HD display can inject life into learning.

Increases levels of student engagement

We all have shorter attention spans and the days of teacher-led learning are a thing of the past. In a world where students can find out information at the click of a button, embedding audio and video files into interactive presentations can keep their interest fuelled.

Allows students with SEN to learn better

Installing touchscreen displays in classrooms creates an improved learning environment for SEN students. Everyone learns differently and, for some of us, seeing and hearing is an easier way of absorbing information. Visual presentations can also assist students with hearing difficulties or learners who have English as an Additional Language.

Save the environment and on equipment costs

The average cost of a box of 50 black whiteboard markers is £35 and coloured markers cost more. A standard secondary school teacher will get through far more than 50 markers in a year.

This raises two points, firstly installing affordable interactive touchscreen whiteboards can, over time, save school budgets from the cost of expendable equipment.

Secondly, the average amount of plastic boardmarkers which are thrown away after use is astronomical as standard markers cannot be refilled. Installing an interactive board, can reduce a school’s environmental impact and send students a message about plastic use.


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