Many farmers are increasingly searching for ways to make their farms more sustainable. One way of doing this is by installing an agricultural LED system. LEDs can be fitted throughout a farm environment in offices, sheds, barns, milking parlours and also outside.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits of installing LEDs, they are considered to be around 70% more efficient than tungsten or halogen lamps, they also create a far safer and more comfortable environment for workers and livestock.

Animal welfare

LED fittings produce less heat and efficiently replicate natural light, reducing dullness. Installing an LED lighting system in barns and dairy parlours means that livestock can be more comfortable during the darker winter months when they may be kept indoors.

Reduced maintenance and increased lifespan

NCS’s range of LED fittings can have a lifespan of more than 40,000 hours! This means less maintenance and lamp replacements, which can be particularly difficult in high roofed and agricultural buildings.

Additionally, we supply fittings which are specifically designed for agricultural use which feature corrosion and impact resistance and are suitable for environments with varying temperatures and humidity.

Improved security

Updating your lighting system to LEDs means that maintaining a secure site becomes easier. The cost of using traditional light sources for floodlighting can be astronomical, but because LED fittings are far more efficient, it makes it an easy decision to keep floodlights running throughout the night, providing security to your equipment and livestock.

Maximise your profit margins

By reducing the cost of lighting across your farm, you can simply and effectively increase your profit margins. A reduction in production costs also means that the savings made can cover the cost of the initial LED installation.



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