With Lockdown easing and shops, businesses, and schools beginning to reopen, ensuring that everyone is safe and protected from COVID-19 is going to be high on the minds of many. NCS Technology are pleased to be able to safely provide and install Outform iDisplay Thermometers in all settings.

iDISPLAY Thermometers are non-contact infrared thermometers that can rapidly detect temperatures of users within 0.3-0.8 metres of the thermometer. Designed to instil trust and a feeling of safety, their innovative features make them easy to operate and adapt to any space.

Thermal Display System from iDisplay


Fever Alarm

Should the thermometer detect a temperature of over 38C an alarm sounds to alert the user that they have a fever. There are also visual alarm signals, meaning that people who are hearing impaired can also be alerted to a potential infection.

Advanced Access Controls

The fever alarm system can be synched with existing access control systems to restrict entry to anyone who displays a fever. This is ideal for settings that work with vulnerable people or that are at risk from contamination.

Leading German technology

The accuracy of the iDISPLAY Digital Thermometer is all down to its use of Heimann Sensors which recognise and capture different levels of infrared light. This allows the thermometer to accurately and quickly assess the temperature of the user, reducing the risk of queues forming at the entrances to buildings and areas.

Works with protective masks

As a result of the intelligent use of Heimann Sensors, Outform’s digital thermometers can accurately check temperatures while users are wearing protective facemasks. This further ensures further feelings of safety and works in preparation for any further legislation requiring the wearing of facemasks.

Variety of height options to suit your setting

The thermometers come in a variety of height options, designed to suit each setting and removing the need to constantly adjust them. Available in adult and child sized free-standing units and also with wall mounts or counter stands, NCS’s technicians will ensure that the correct system is installed to meet your needs.


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