With school budgets increasingly being squeezed, deciding how to increase IT provision can be difficult for school leaders. With additional IT and the increased use of interactive displays in classrooms, IT support departments can find themselves overstretched. Instead of hiring more IT technicians, a more sensible option might be to outsourcing to a trusted ICT support company.

Outsourcing will enhance your team

Outsourcing some of your IT support means that your technicians can focus on more important tasks. Our team is there to support and collaborate with existing staff instead of replacing or undermining them and work to foster long term relationships.

It’s great to get an outside perspective

We work with a huge range of public and private sector organisations and, as a result, we’ve gathered a huge wealth of knowledge in creating innovative solutions and troubleshooting. Combined with your team’s knowledge, we can then work alongside you to build IT provision for your school that is fit for purpose.

Ask the experts

In much the same way that your staffroom is full of teachers who are experts in their fields, IT technicians also have specialisms. Sometimes your IT team will come across a problem that flummoxes them, that’s where we can step in and support, using our more varied expertise to troubleshoot.

Reduce long-term costs

Choosing to outsource over employing additional members of staff, saves schools money in the long-term. Hiring extra staff costs more than their basic salary and it is always important to consider additional costs such as professional development, pensions and national insurance.


If you are considering increasing your IT provision in your school and would like to talk to a member of our team, give us a call or drop us an email.

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