The way we use our phones is changing. With an increase in the number of smartphones in use there is now a requirement to ensure that users can access the internet whenever and wherever they need it. As a result, over recent years there has been an increasing buzz around the idea of installing free Wi-Fi to public spaces.

Installing public space Wi-Fi to communal spaces such as high streets, shopping centres and even parks can be beneficial for the businesses and communities that they serve. In an economy that is showing a dip in high street retail creating a reliable and useable free Wi-Fi network in town centres can pull in customers who may work remotely, but also provides access for people who may not normally have access to the internet.

Secure and free public Wi-Fi has the added bonus that businesses can begin to build an idea of who is visiting their area and can provide a useful portal to promote local events and information. In some instances, it even allows an area to gather a GDPR friendly list of email addresses that can be used for future marketing.

How many times do you pull up websites like TripAdvisor whilst you’re on holiday? For overseas visitors, who may not have the benefit of a roaming data facility, free public access to the internet makes destinations more attractive and provides the opportunity for them to research and find out about local businesses in the area.

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