Last year we wrote a blog about the positive impact body cameras could have in schools and education settings and it appears that bodycam trials in two schools in England confirm our thoughts.

The Guardian reported this month that two secondary schools, one in London and one in Hampshire, have been equipping members of staff with body cameras in the hope that they monitor pupil behaviour and improve safeguarding. The results from the trial have been impressive and the schools now hope to continue using their new devices. The school in London reported that staff had seen improved pupil behaviour and a reduction in the number of dangerous confrontations since the bodycams were introduced in September 2019. This has meant that teachers have been able to focus on teaching and learning instead of placing time and energy into managing behaviour.

A representative from the school in Hampshire said that wearing ‘body-worn video’ has helped to stop unknown children from other schools entering their site and had provided useful evidence for the police.

How do they work?

Body cameras are worn on the outside of clothes and can either record continuously or be switched on when an incident occurs. This means that they can provide footage from areas that may not have previously been covered by CCTV. Additionally, body worn video provides an obvious deterrent as students and visitors can see they are being recorded.

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