LED Lighting

Save up to 65% on your lighting bills with energy efficient LED lighting

Replacing existing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting solutions, creates bright and inviting spaces that enhance productivity and improve safety. They also offer several other advantages, including significant reductions in energy use, bills, and maintenance. Managed lighting solutions that include LED bulbs, motion sensors, timers, and other applications, could help your organisation create long-term cost savings.

Simple and inexpensive to install

Retrofitting LED lighting is relatively simple and inexpensive, so your organisation can make energy savings without huge capital expenditure.

Our experienced team have worked with a variety of clients replacing and providing LED lighting for both interior and exterior commercial applications. Our latest LED lighting installs include sport and leisure facilities, car parks, warehouses, and offices. View our LED lighting case studies here.

Funding and financial support for energy efficient projects

There are various loans and leases available if you’re considering upgrading your lighting systems.

  • Salix provide 100% interest-free capital finance for public sector organisations to undertake energy efficiency projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as LED lighting solutions.
  • Whilst SMEs may be eligible for a Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) grant. LoCASE is an EU funded project set up to help businesses tackle and adapt to climate change. SMEs may qualify for 40% of the cost, up to £10,000, for eligible carbon reducing projects, including LED lighting upgrades.

Regardless of organisation type, get in touch. We can discuss options that would suit your needs, and let you know if might be eligible for any financial support.

NCS Technology – Experts in connecting things

We’ve been helping schools and businesses in the South East connect things since 1987. So, whether you’re looking to replace your existing lighting with an LED solution or you’re considering a network upgrade – we can help.

Request a free, no obligation, LED lighting survey

For advice, and to find out how much you could save, arrange a free, no obligation, site survey.

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Earlsmann Lighting - led lighting solutions

Earlsmann Lighting

NCS Technology have collaborated with Earlsmann, a specialist UK manufacturer and supplier of innovative LED lighting products. They work with experienced designers from the professional lighting industry to develop a wide range of standard LED lighting for both interior and exterior commercial applications. With a service life of up to 50,000 hours, Earlsmann’s LED lighting reduces maintenance and energy costs, whilst producing high-quality light that satisfies safety standards and user requirements.

Portsmouth Exterior Lighting

The Earlsmann Portsmouth range of anti-corrosive LED fittings is purpose built to support the most popular sizes used in industrial environments – from warehouses and loading bays to car parks and walkways. Available in 4ft and 5ft, all units are IP65-sealed and suitable for exterior or interior use. The fittings comprise a tough polycarbonate body and an opal diffuser. Each unit can be surface-mounted or suspended, and has knockout holes at each end for wiring. The optional sensors are available to maximise savings and the Portsmouth anti-corrosive LED fittings are designed for purpose so are extremely cost effective.

Milan Eco Led Panel

Earlsmann’s Milan eco LED panels are a highly efficient, ideal, low cost replacements for inefficient fluorescent ceiling fittings. The even illumination provided by these energy-efficient units is suited to many applications, from offices and shops to hotels and hospitals. The surface texture produces minimal glare (UGR19), creating a comfortable environment for building users. Choose from neutral or cool white to suit your needs.

The range includes emergency, dimming and sensor operation. Standard flat panels can also be installed on plaster ceilings using a surface kit. The Milan co panel range replaces the most popular sizes of suspended fitting used.

Traditional LED High Bay Interior Lighting & LED Floodlighting

The Earlsmann Traditional LED High Bay is offered in a range of outputs to suit your requirements. Let us know the mounting height and we will fit the appropriate reflectors to achieve the best light level and uniformity. The THB is a highly efficient lighting unit, reducing energy costs and helping you to achieve your carbon reduction targets. And, with a design life of over 50,000 hours, you’ll save on maintenance costs too – particularly if lighting is located in hard-to-reach areas high above the ground. Good to know – the THB has a choice of reflectors to suit your application.

LED Floodlighting solution is built for general outdoor lighting and used often in shipyards, exterior warehousing and in many more wide area floodlight environments.

Warwick LED Wall Pack Exterior Lighting

The Earlsmann Warwick wall pack light is designed to provide efficient, effective external lighting that reduces running costs and improves visibility to create a safer environment. Ideal for driveways, ramps and car park applications, the Warwick is also well suited to exterior walkways and footpaths, railway stations and tunnels. Warwick units use the latest CREE LED technology, combining high-quality lighting levels with a significant reduction in energy use – helping you to lower your carbon footprint. The Warwick LED wall pack can be fitted with motion sensors, and is also suitable for use as emergency lighting. All Warwick LED wall packs are manufactured in the UK, using CREE LEDs for quality and reliability, and are supplied with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

The CREE 304 series

The CREE 304 series LED light is a versatile design constructed from die-cast and extruded aluminium making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are particularly suitable for use where there may be adverse conditions such as wind, moisture and vibration. The drivers are mounted in weather tight chambers with access from below the luminaire. The mounting brackets allow adjustment through 180 degrees with 5 degree increments.

Ansell lighting - LED lighting

Ansell Lighting

With more than 20 years in the lighting industry, Ansell is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality LED lighting for the commercial, domestic, industrial and architectural markets.

Their in-house design team has placed Ansell at the forefront of LED lighting, delivering an extensive range of LED lights for the display, amenity, commercial, floodlighting, industrial and emergency lighting markets.