As experts in IP CCTV and security solutions, NCS Technology are also the go-to for bodycam technology.

A bodycam is a recording device which is worn on clothing and provides a recording from the wearer’s point of view. They are able to produce a video and audio feed, which can be remotely accessed and viewed back.

These invaluable pieces of equipment are now worn as standard by UK Police Officers and are increasingly being used in security settings.

Bodycams can be used in a variety of settings, for security and safety, for example when members of your team could be working in potentially dangerous or volatile environments.

They can also be used to gather evidence and assist in analysing the cause of incidents.

For companies with remote workers and teams that work on projects away from their headquarters, for example engineers or technicians, a bodycam can also work well as a live streaming and troubleshooting device.

NCS Technology are resellers for Pinnacle Response Body Cameras. Pinnacle are a world leading bodycam manufacturer, providing body worn cameras to a number of police forces and security organisations.

Features include:

Tamperproof design

Pre-record function

Secure USB that meets GDPR and the Data Protection Act

Records in High Definition

If you are interested in introducing bodycams as a part of your health and safety or security solutions, speak to a member of the NCS Technology team today.  We have written two blogs on body worn cameras (BWC) and there uses in different settings Using bodycams in schools and pupil referral units and Bodycams compulsory for bailiffs

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