Can your existing network infrastructure cope?

Today’s computer networks are expected to deal with more than just file sharing and web browsing. Voice traffic, video streaming, IP security and video surveillance, all need to run, side by side, on your network. If you’re considering a network upgrade read on…

Why now is a good time to upgrade your network

With a 10Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network users will experience faster response times from applications and databases, as well as other networked devices. This can have a number of business benefits, including increased productivity and reliability, better customer service and future-proofing of infrastructure.

Having 10GbE up-links on a network is seen as essential to provide good levels of service, especially when using the latest standard of wireless and bandwidth intensive applications. Without a crucial upgrade, your networking products may not run efficiently.

Minimal costs – maximum benefits

Using existing infrastructure, your network backbone could be upgraded from 1 to 10Gbps, with minimal disruption – enhancing your network bandwidth ten-fold. 10 GbE can be deployed using existing fibre optic cabling, meaning minimal infrastructure costs with maximum performance benefits.

At NCS Technology, we often recommend HP networking due to its performance, proven reliability and unique ‘Lifetime Warranty’.

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