NCS has been trying to go paperless for years because we are extremely aware of the environmental impact unnecessary printing is having on our planet. Plus, as a tech company, it always seemed a bit silly to be using so much paper.

So, we’ve finally made the switch and our technicians will be using mymobileworkers when they’re out and about visiting our clients.

We always aim to ensure that our engineers arrive on-site in time for their appointment, but sometimes traffic gets in the way. Our new system means that our clients receive regular updates if one of our team is held up or delayed.

From a paperless perspective, all of our documents will now be completed online and we will use electronic job packs. This means that our operations will be more streamlined, that paperwork will be less likely to go missing or become damaged and that we will be able to resolve queries even faster.

The NCS Technology team are all extremely excited to be trying out this fantastic app and can’t wait to share the benefits with everyone who we work with.


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