For owners of both indoor and outdoor carparks, ensuring that your customers and their vehicles are safe is vital. People don’t want to park in places that they feel unsafe or threatened in. The introduction of LED lights in multi-storey carparks has been shown to dramatically improve safety and security.

Historically, car parks have used fluorescent tubes or halogen bulbs. Where the light couldn’t be focussed in specific areas this created unsafe and dark areas. The introduction of LED lights creates a more even light, reducing shadows and helping users to see better.

Additionally, the improved lighting means that drivers can see signs and road markings more easily, reducing the risk of accident and injury.

They bring down costs too

Alongside improved security and, hopefully, an increased customer footfall, an LED lighting system can significantly reduce your energy costs by up to 70%. When you consider that multi-storey carparks have to be lit all day, this can be an immense saving.

Additionally, LED lighting requires far less maintenance than traditional lighting options as the bulbs have a far longer lifespan.

Improve your green credentials

For larger businesses and councils running multi-level carparks and outdoor carparks, installing LED lighting can be used towards the ISO 14001 accreditation and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) which is now mandatory for some larger companies.

What are the benefits to upgrading to LEDs?

  • Brighter lighting levels
  • Significant savings on energy and maintenance costs
  • Improved safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Reduces the likelihood of vandalism and crime
  • Provides clearer CCTV pictures that support car park security


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