Sports halls and leisure facilities are the centre of many of our communities and ensuring that they are well lit is important to ensure that users have the very best experience.
Whether they are being used for sports, exhibitions or examinations, changing the lighting in these large spaces can have a dramatic and positive impact.

Reduce energy use

Sports halls are designed to be cavernous, enabling multiple uses, and as such lighting makes up a huge amount of energy costs. With limited natural light, artificial lighting is used the majority of the time that the space is in use.
Installing LED lighting can significantly reduce associated energy costs by up to 75%. This dramatic saving can be used to offset the cost of installation.

A brighter, more inviting space

For schools who use their sports halls for examinations, installing LED lighting can assist your students in achieving their full potential. LED lighting has been shown to improve mood and reduce the chances of ‘burnout’ because it replicates natural light.

LED lighting systems also create a more modern looking environment and can sometimes add an architectural look to the interior, making them far more attractive for private hire and events.

Can be funded by Salix

For schools and local authority owned spaces, the installation of LED lights can be funded by an interest free, Government funded loan from Salix Finance Ltd.
In some cases, the savings made from burning less energy can cover the loan within the space of two years. Read more about Salix here.

Reduce maintenance costs

Aside from the fact that the costs of replacing bulbs over the long-term are far lower than using fluorescent or halogen lighting, the cost of installing replacements is greatly reduced too. The maintenance and time required to erect scaffolding towers to replace broken bulbs is reduced because LED bulbs have far longer lifespans.

See how we made a difference to the sports hall at Chatham Grammar School for Girls

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