It’s fantastic to hear that LoCASE funding has been extended until the end of March 2020.

LoCASE provides grants for SMEs to implement green projects that tackle energy use and climate change. The grant of up to £10,000 funds 45% of the cost of any project.

NCS Technology has had the pleasure of working on a number of LoCASE projects, helping businesses to save energy, money, and the environment. Installing an LED lighting system at Offset Print and Packaging not only improved their working environment, increasing productivity and improving health & safety, but it also significantly reduced their energy costs. In the first year of installation, their energy bill dropped by £18,000! With a 45% grant from LoCASE this meant that the installation of a new LED lighting system was covered by the energy savings in the first year alone.

LED lighting can make a difference to smaller businesses too. For example, installing LED lighting and sensors in a guest house or hotel could cut electricity costs by up to 2/3s and provides green credentials to target environmentally aware customers.

In order to qualify for LoCASE grant funding your business must meet some specific criteria;

  • You must be a small or medium enterprise (SME). This includes:
    • Employing 250 (FTE) employees or less
    • Having an annual turnover of £44M or less and an annual balance sheet of £38M or less
    • If another firm owns more than a quarter of your company, they must meet the above criteria
  • Your organisation must not have received more than approximately £180,000 of state aid in the last three years
  • Your organisation must be registered and operating in the counties of Kent, Essex, or East Sussex.

If your business fits these categories, it makes solid economic sense to consider implementing a green project. Our team of LED lighting experts are happy to come and give you a no-obligation site survey.

You can apply for LoCASE funding here, but hurry there’s a lot of interest.

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