Is it time to rethink your lighting?

We all know that natural light can damage and fade priceless works of art and fabrics. A visit to any large gallery or museum in London will have you wandering through subtly lit rooms with the windows draped in thick UV protective materials.

For many museums lighting can account for around 20% of energy consumption, so by targeting this expense, it is possible to make significant energy savings.

The cost of retrofitting LED lighting across a large museum space could be considered prohibitive, but Salix Finance is able to help any publicly funded museum or gallery in covering the expense.

Salix Finance is a not-for-profit organisation, set up by the Government in 2004, which provides 100% interest free loans for energy saving projects. The average savings from installing LED fittings more than cover the cost of installation, meaning that it is possible to create an energy efficient space with minimal capital outlay.

There’s more…

Aside from the obvious financial benefits, installing LED fittings throughout a museum or art gallery can help towards protecting and maintaining valuable artwork. LED lights don’t emit UV light so are less likely to be damaging to the displays that they are accentuating.

Additionally, by combining different coloured LED fittings, it is possible to replicate natural lighting conditions, enabling visitors to view exhibits in all their glory as the artist or creator originally intended.

Intelligent lighting solutions

The small size of LEDs also makes it far easier to direct light at exhibits. This creates a far more immersive experience, enabling visitors to focus on displays and not on other people around them. They can also be intelligently and thoughtfully fitted to create focus points and draw the viewer to particular exhibits.

Additionally, the colours emitted from LEDs can be adapted and altered to suit travelling exhibits, meaning that a museum or art gallery can switch from old masters to contemporary art displays with minimal fuss. Providing artists with the opportunity to play with the lighting options at their exhibitions adds an extra layer to the experience and pulls in further creative options.

Make the switch

Switching from tungsten or halogen lighting to a more energy efficient and less damaging LED system doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. NCS can work alongside you to create designs to assist with your Salix application. We are also able to fulfil other wiring and network solutions while your lighting retrofit is taking place, meaning less disruption for visitors and staff.

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