An access control system is an electronic way of restricting access to your site or to specifically designated areas. NCS can fit one anywhere where you may need to control who has access to that space, from doors to buildings and rooms to outside gates ensuring that you have full site security.

NCS Technology installs quality systems and have access to a variety of access control solutions which suit businesses and schools of all sizes. Paxton’s ‘Standalone’ system is designed for smaller sites and doesn’t require a PC network, making it perfect for building sites and farms.

For sites that may need more advanced security such as schools and large offices, the ‘Net2’ system provides an advanced management system with a user-friendly, easy to understand format. It can be installed on multiple PCs and integrates with other systems such as CCTV, and intruder and fire alarms. Additionally, the ‘Net2’ access control system can be used by HR departments to monitor staff timekeeping and attendance.

Installing an access control system to your buildings or site has a wealth of benefits.

Know who’s arriving and leaving

Installing an access control system gives you the security of knowing which staff are visiting your site. This means that, for industries that have expensive or sensitive property, you can easily detect who is accessing different areas of your business. None of us ever want to consider that thefts occur in the workplace, but increasing security and restricting access to certain areas can reduce that risk.

From an HR perspective, introducing a sophisticated access control solution can also support your lone worker policy and can provide you with information on the number of hours worked.

Secure site and no undetected strangers

For schools, it’s vital to know who is on-site. Installing an access control system provides the peace of mind that your staff and students are safe when they are in your school. Increased site security can also support your safeguarding policies.

No more lost keys

Staff move on to pastures new, contracts with contractors end, what happens if they don’t return the keys to your buildings? An expensive and disruptive visit from a locksmith and multiple lock changes.

With a Paxton system, administrators can simply remove an employee’s access card from the system and, if it has been lost or misplaced, reissue a new one.

Keep your sensitive information secure

All businesses and schools hold sensitive information that requires restricted access, for example, staff and student records and HR information. With GDPR in force, it’s even more important to avoid data breaches. Installing access control to rooms which hold this data, means that businesses and schools can improve keep their sensitive information safe from unauthorised eyes.

Control multiple access across multiple sites

For businesses, colleges and schools that have multiple sites and buildings, it is possible to designate which buildings and areas members of your team can access. This can go as far as covering separate geographical locations.

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