On 22nd July the Government made it mandatory for bailiffs and high court enforcement officers to wear bodycams. This move has been taken to protect the public and the industry from rogue bailiffs and debt collectors. By taking this action, the Government intends to ensure that all debts are collected in a fair and safe manner. GDPR also means that, should you be filmed, you can access any footage of you.

Why have they introduced these measures?

There are around 2,500 certified bailiffs in the UK and while the majority use safe and legal methods to collect unpaid debts, including parking fines and rent arrears, there are a minority who have been accused of using intimidation and aggression. Introducing recording devices means that both the bailiff and the person they are dealing with are protected.

Additionally, as enforcement officers and bailiffs work in potentially highly tense and stressful situations, continuous camera footage means that they will be less likely to be attacked. Studies have found that police officers have received markedly fewer complaints about them since the introduction of bodycam technology.

Do you run an agency that may need bodycam technology?

NCS Technology are retailers for Pinnacle Response. Pinnacle Response’s Body Worn Cameras and Digital Evidence Management System are used by police forces around the world. Their PR6 body camera provides secure encryption and a tamperproof design, whilst incorporating advanced still-frame technology and 1080p HD quality making facial recognition far easier. Light and versatile, the extremely visible devices can be upgraded and customised to suit your needs.

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