The Solution

Lighting costs cut by 70%

The Brook car park presented Medway Council with an ideal opportunity to create substantial cost and energy savings by replacing the existing fluorescent lights with LED lighting. Their existing solution meant that the car park lights were constantly on. By introducing intelligent LED lighting, including sensors and timers that dim or turn lights off when not in use, Medway Council has cut their lighting costs by 70%.

LED lighting fitted with intelligent sensors

The new lighting solution, that incorporates an automatic pre-set lighting level of 10%, restores levels to full brightness when triggered by the movement sensors. NCS Technology recommended replacement LED gear trays to enable a quick installation process. It was decided that using drivers and mounting the LEDs directly to the gear tray would improve the cooling capability of the equipment, increasing its reliability, and cutting down on future maintenance costs.


This intelligent lighting solution required a larger initial investment than would have been required by simply replacing the existing tubes, but the long-term cost and energy savings this solution presents are significant. Intelligent LED lighting generates instant, measurable benefits, including reduced power consumption, lower emittance costs and improved lighting levels.

“It was refreshing to work with a client who recognised that, although the initial investment was more, the project payback was actually quicker than simply replacing with LED tubes and the on-going energy savings are greater.”

Simon Thornton, Earlsmann
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